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EVA Software Services and Packages 

Premium Warranty and Web Storage

The new Premium Plan gives you the assurance that you will be constantly at the forefront of WH:

 - 5 years of warranty

 - 5 years Web Services

 - Priority support,

and best of all -  

 - a free upgrade to a new unit within 36 months of use. 

*Premium Warranty is offered to new customers, as well as customers who are still in the initial warranty period. 

Enterprise Software Package

Large healthcare systems often have demanding security and compliance standards, as well as a need for more users and oversight of each the users' activity.


The EVA System can meet these needs all with its enhanced compliance and security features.

Educate and Collaborate Software Package

Non-expert and newly trained point-of-care providers can now connect with their experts through the EVA System: either at real time with a live video feed of the examination, or after the fact through secure case sharing.

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